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In my experience, to organize an elopement in Rome is a truly unique, intimate and romantic event! Yes, because a destination wedding in Rome can be a very special experience if it’s just the two of you and your strict families.

Here some tips to choose the best options: try and avoid the summer months, like July and August. It’s way too hot to go around the city and the experience might be not as enjoyable as other months of the year. This will also be valid for your honeymoon. June and September are my favourite months for an elopement in Rome, but you might as well consider the period from March until May and then also October. Definitely avoid November, as it’s usually rainy and days are shorter.

About the best spots: you have decided to elope to Rome and are wondering whether the marriage will be legally valid. The answer is yes. Even if it’s just the two of you, you can have a perfectly legally binding wedding ceremony. Dolce Vita Weddings will be pleased to provide two witnesses for your elopement in Rome and at the end of the ceremony you’ll receive a legal wedding certificate to use for all legal purposes in your home country.

So you could have a civil ceremony and choose the Campidoglio or Vignola Mattei or opt for a religious destination wedding and book one of the many breath-taking churches in Rome. But for your elopement in Rome, you can also consider a symbolic wedding and in that case you won’t need to worry about the paperwork and could get married wherever you want, such as on a beautiful rooftop overlooking the city, or a romantic garden in the heart of Rome.

An elopement in Rome is a truly unique, intimate and romantic experience

About the photo service: usually I organize everything in advance with the couple. A specific tour of the best spots, including the transfer service if needed.

Rome is very big, so my tip for the bride-to-be: since you’ll probably be walking a lot, do remember to bring a pair of flat, comfortable shoes with you and put your heels back on for the wedding pictures only.


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